Monday, June 20, 2011

Your Life span...

Ok, people, it's time to wake-up: 34% of Americans are obese.
This is double what it was in 1980. It's time to do something about your health.

For the first time since 1918, Women's life spans have actually fallen. It used to be where each generation would live longer, but this has changed. According to studies at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, this drop in lifespan is related to obesity. In Arkansas, 19 counties (300 nationwide) reported female life expectancy falling since 1987, where men's life expectancy rose.

What to do? Exercise! Join your local gym or buy a bike. You must make it a habit to exercise. Start by choosing 3 days a week to exercise - whether it's walking at the gym or riding your bike. Do something.

You can change your life expectancy.

Source for stats: Arkansas Democrat Gazette article (6/19/2011)

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