Monday, January 16, 2023

It's okay to dust it off...

 It's okay to dust it off.
I recently revisited the gym after being away for a long time - basically since the beginning of Covid. When I opened my locker, I was embarrassed to see a layer of dust on my weight belt.  So much dust, I had to get a towel to remove it all.  It felt good to get back in the gym again.  It's okay to dust it off, even if you have to start over.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

To the artist...

 "To the artist, the writer, the pianist, the actor, the speaker: Fame is NOT a sign of greatness. Fame is a sign that you've got a lot of eyes on you, and that's it. Can we stop grasping and chasing after the eyes of the crowd?

Let's not focus so much on getting people to look. Let's focus more on creating something beautiful for people to see, in case they do look...  Just like flowers on a mountainside are still beautiful if no one sees, your work is still valuable even if no one lines up to see it.So write, sing, act, and speak and love all of it... and know that it's all meaningful."

- Jane Marczewski ("Nightbirde"), an excerpt from her upcoming blog.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

In my time...

Never use the phrase 'In my time' . Your time is now . As long as you're alive, you are part of this time . You may have been younger, but you are still you now, having fun and enjoying life.  - unknown.

Monday, August 8, 2022

To stay calm...

 If you're prepared for contingencies, it's easier to stay calm.

- Dr. Myron Rolle.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Time management...

 The trouble with attempting to master your time, it turns out, is that time ends up mastering you.

- Oliver Burkeman

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Before you judge...


Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares?... He's a mile away and you've got his shoes!
- Billy Connolly, Actor/Comedian

Sunday, May 15, 2022


 Put yourself in jobs, professions, companies, and industries where you are valued for your insight.