Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home remedies for mosquitos...

Mosquitos carrying the West Nile virus are still a potential threat this time of year. The threat continues to increase year-over-year. According to the CDC, there are no medications to treat, or vaccines to prevent, human West Nile virus infection.

Here are some popular, home remedies to consider:

Apply Avon Skin So Soft spray bath oil to your skin.

Take a new dryer sheet (like Bounce, etc) and rub on your body. Mosquitoes won't even come near you.

You can also take the dryer sheet and tuck in your belt, tie it on your wrist or on the chair you're sitting, and you'll have the same effect.

Eat garlic.

Spray antiseptic mouthwash in the area.

Burn citronella oil/candles (more than one) in the area.

Drain all containers of fresh standing water and make sure your roof gutters drain properly as well.

Move to the Western U.S.

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