Friday, November 20, 2009

10 tips for a fresh financial start...

The past is past. Hit rough financial times? It's understandable- you may be feeling pretty crummy right now. And with Thanksgiving one week away, how about a fresh look at your situation- dare I say there may be something for which you can be grateful? It's time to move on, and take some action, with a plan outlined by "The Money Lady", Suze Orman, writing for

10 tips for a fresh financial start:

1. No Blame, No Shame
2. Take a Snapshot of Your Finances
3. Adopt a Foolproof Credit Card Strategy
4. Try Harder to Save
5. Separate Savings from Investments
6. Know Your Credit Score
7. Evaluate Your Retirement Plan
8. Diversify Your Assests
9. Don't Obsess Over Your Home's Value
10. Protect Your Family—and Your Nest Egg

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