Monday, July 21, 2008

Ten Steps to Drought-Resistant Gardening

The days of hauling out the hose to douse your garden are over, even in regions that once were considered water rich. According to several scientific projections, the parched conditions now occurring in the Southeast and other drought-stricken regions of the country are likely to spread as the effects of global warming take hold. Fortunately, you can take a number of sensible steps in your garden to conserve dwindling water. Our friends at the National Wildlife Federation have these tips:

  1. Work compost into the soil around your plants.
  2. Mulch your plantings.
  3. Choose plants that tolerate drought and a wide range of temperatures.
  4. Minimize and drought-proof your container plantings.
  5. Cut down on mowing and fertilizing.
  6. Let your lawn go dormant.
  7. Use water-conserving equipment.
  8. Water your plants early in the morning.
  9. Water less frequently but deeply.
  10. Put off major planting projects until after severe droughts.

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